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Thanks for your interest in this project, in this page is described how we work and what you need to get involved.

How we work

Managing several translations can be cumbersome, that's why we use repositories, issue trackers and wikis to keep track and coordinate ourself.

If you don't have any experience to use such tools, don't worry, we are here to eventually give you an hand.

Editing game files

We made our tools for editing game files, we keep track of every change by using a version control and more specifically Git. Every translation is enclosed in one or more repositories, we use git for our tools too.

If you don't know what a version control or git is, don't worry, a version control system is a set of technologies for tacking changes in a project. It makes the life easier for collaboration and every change is stored in a database called repository.

You can start to read more about git here (Mirror) and even try it using your browser.

When you grasped the concepts you can download git for your computer, if you use Microsoft Windows and you are scared of CLI, there is a nice GUI: TortoiseGit, you need to install git for windows first.

Hackers and Developers

If you are a developer or an hacker, we have many tasks for you. We are developing our tools for editing game files and the process is slow and sometimes awkward. We need people to polish the tools and maybe to write better ones, we could work together even if your hacking skills are not directly involved to the translation!

Non developers

The technical aspect is just a part, most of the work is done by non-developers.


Japanese can be hard for non native speakers, if you know the language consider to join us, the game contains lots of text and working together can speed up the process.

If you don't speak Japanese but you want to translate the game in your language, come onboard, the game text is primary translated to English and our translator can help you to adapt some Japan-only idioms in your language.

Testers and proof reading

We do our best to write decently but sometimes we made mistakes, proof reading our translation can help dramatically the quality of our project and testing the game can spot some problems early.

Everything else

You can help us to improve this wiki or in some other way. We don't accept any type of monetary donation, this project is made by fans for fans, we are already in a grey area.

Drop us a line

Contact me by email and tell us what you would like to do!

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