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This wiki is a source of information about the internals of the game Ace Combat 3 Electrosphere. The Japanese version of the game differs significantly from the other releases in terms of story and gameplay.

We started to hack the game in order to translate it, the process was complex and full of quirks but we did!

Other people may want to translate the game it their own language and we are here to help them and explain how the game works and what we discovered so far.

If you are interest to this project, don't hesitate and get involved!

Existing projects

We are working on different translations in our spare time, the team is small and we are always looking for contributors. You don't need to be a programmer or an hacker, you can help us by improving this wiki, test the beta releases, proofreading, translation and work on graphics.

Currently we have several project opened:

Italian translation

We learnt a lot by translating this game in Italian, we published a patch last year but we are looking forward to improve our translation!

Pagina del progetto

Spanish translation

The Spanish translation has just started, join us and help this translation!

English translation

We are starting a new translation from Japanese, more close to the original script than others translations available. We will work on adaption too, in order to bring life to the characters and create the most accurate and polished patch ever. This translation will be the source material for other languages too.

Hacking and bug fixing

The game needs to be modified at the very low level, very capable people changed the executable in order to fix few bugs and help us with the translation by making more room for the text.

How to contribute to our translations

We always need help for this project, there are several areas where you can contribute:

  • Testing the patched game
  • Proof read our translations and give us a feedback
  • Translate the text
  • Game hacking
  • Develop tool for translate the game
  • Script the build process
  • Write to this wiki

Get involved and send me an email at if you are interested!

Existing hacking pages

Start to hack and translate

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