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Tools for working with Ace Combat 3

In this page I do my best for collecting all the tools and code snippet for hack the game and translate the content in your language.

AC3ES Tools

Python scripts for manipulate AC3 game files, at the moment decompress ulz files.

Other tools

Ac3 Toolkit ac3_text_editor_1.3.4
AC3 Layer Merger v1.0 This will merge two TIM files into one, like the original. Usually a TIM will have two layers, so use this to make them
AC3 Header Replacer v1.1 This copies the metadata from the original un-translated TIM onto the edited one, so that it will work properly in-game
AC3 BIN Splitter Use this to extract individual TIMs from BIN files that have two or more TIMs, and then rebuild them all into one BIN again, used for radio chatter and menu text
AC3 Fake ULZ recompressor I recommend leaving this in the same folder as the BIN splitter, drag the edited and merged BIN over its icon and then place your new ULZ in the mission folder for the mission you're working on, now your radio chatter subs work
BPB extraction Can be used for both discs (this is where all the text files are stored). For a full BPB unpack, extract the BPB from the disc image and use
Krishty's AC3 unpacker Note ULZs/BINs that contain more than one TIM will be turned into folders, so it's a supplement, not a replacement
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